In 2011 I felt that I needed something new in my life. I had recently ended a five year long relationship and I had lived with a panic disorder in six years which impacted my life on many levels. One night in March I put up pictures on my blog of various jewelrys that I had created for myself. Many of my readers loved the products and I have always loved to create so I got a taste for makeing more items.


My inspiration was mostly old native american photos and it still is, but I also try to follow whats in right now, but I am always true to my own kind of style. After only a few months it started to come in orders daily. Known bloggers started wearing my products and later I got several orders from abroad.


Despite all the work it took I knew immediately that I had found the right job for me! This feeling arises often when I work with my buisness, because I work with something I love. It makes me happy to create and every piece is unique and special to me. Today people across the globe carries products from johanna-sofia (earlier called Creativity) and many of my creations are sold in various stores around the world.


Hope you'll like what you see, and if you have any questions or want to have a cooperation then just send an email to




With Love